Purchasing Guidelines

All items purchased by or for the city are approved in the Finance Department. Written quotes from vendors are solicited for items that cost between $4,000 and $29,999. Items that cost over $30,000 are open to public bid and awarded on either a lowest bid price or a lowest evaluated bid price basis. Certain purchases, such as those for professional services or those where the specifications cannot be made sufficiently specific to permit award on either a lowest bid price or lowest evaluated bid price, are made on either a competitive or noncompetitive basis in accordance with the Kentucky Model Procurement Code. Kentucky Revised Statutes - Chapter 45A

Bid List

The city does not have a formal bid list. Vendors / Suppliers desiring to do business with the city may provide information about services / products for informational purchases to the Purchasing Department. You may email your business name, contact name, address, phone and email to finance@cityofhendersonky.org.  You may also sign up for text or email notifications on the Home Page by selecting the Notify Me icon.


The City of Henderson procurement manual contains the methods and procedures to follow when making a purchase for the City of Henderson. Since the City is a public agency we cannot purchase items the same way you as an individual or a private firm can. Most of the time we cannot simply go get an item, charge it, and go on. Remember the rules exist to ensure we obey the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the City of Henderson and to ensure open competition.

Purchases fall under following dollar amounts, which constitute the method of purchase:

$75 and under

Any item under $75 may be purchased and reimbursed with petty cash, with the exception of any reimbursement categorized under travel expenses, which should be placed on the appropriate travel expense form.

$76 to $749

Needed items in this dollar range may be purchased with the department personnel using their best effort and judgment to spend City money wisely and efficiently.

$750 to $3,999

Needed items in this dollar range may be purchased using phone or verbal quotes. If possible, a minimum of three quotes should be obtained. Quotes should be written on or attached to the Purchase Requisition.

$4,000 to $29,999

Any item, group of similar items or service in this category will be quoted in writing by the Finance Department. The requesting department will give the Finance Department specifications and a list of three of more possible vendors. The Finance Department will send out written request for quote forms to be returned within 10 days. The 10-day return time may be extended or shortened if requested at the beginning of the process. The returned quotes will be given to the requesting department for analysis. The department will then prepare a Purchase Requisition. The Purchase Requisition must be approved by the Finance Director and the City Manager prior to the item being purchased or ordered.

$30,000 and Over

Any item, group of items, or service that will be $30,000 one time or during a 12-month period falls under this category. These purchases require a sealed bid. A sealed bid is a formal process and requires at least 45 days from beginning to end to complete. The requesting department shall prepare specifications and a list of possible vendors and forward these to the Assistant Finance Director (Purchaser). The Purchaser will review the specifications for any additions, deletions, etc. Then, the Purchaser will determine an advertising date and a bid opening date (ad and opening must be between 7 and 21 days apart). The bid documents are then prepared for approval by the Department Head, Finance Director and City Manger. When the bids are received and publicly opened the bids are then analyzed by the Department Head and the Purchaser to determine the lowest and best bid for the City. The Department Head then makes a written recommendation to the City Manager. The City Manager makes a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners and places approval of the bid on the agenda of the board. When approved by the Board, the Department Head may then complete the Purchase Requisition.