Utility Billing (Meter Services)

Accounting - Utility Billing
The Accounting Division of the City’s Finance Department manages the monthly billing for Henderson Municipal Power and Light, Henderson Water Utilities, and the Municipal Gas Department. It also bills solid waste and commercial demolition and debris accounts (sanitation).

The office currently employs 10 employees, including a three-member office staff that handles the actual billing process. Seven employees work outside of the building taking care of on-site duties such as turning on and off meters, handling customer concerns, and reading meters. The meter readers read an average of 410 meters per day with a read accuracy of 99.6%.

Electronic Meter Reading
Many gas and electric meters are equipped with ERTs, devices emitting radio signals that will automatically transmit the meter read to the reader’s handheld unit without exposing our reader to dangers such as unfriendly pets and other hazards. Some water meters are equipped with devices attached to their lids, which allow reads to be transmitted to the handheld unit when touched with a wand. (Sounds magical, but a real time saver for us.)

Gas, electric, and water meters are the property of the City of Henderson and only authorized city personnel are allowed to turn these meters on and off. Not only could this be potentially hazardous to you, but tampering charges and any damage to the meters may be applied to your account.