Lienholder Notification System

Code Enforcement Final Orders

The City of Henderson maintains a notification system that provides lien holders, and others that elect to do so, with electronic notification of all final orders issued by the City's Code Enforcement Board pursuant to KRS 65.8801 to 65.8839.

​At least once a month, the City sends electronic mail notification of all final orders issued since the last date of notification to each registered party.  Interested persons may register for this electronic notification by signing up for the Notify Me function of the City's website using the following link. Notify Me

​A lien holder of record may, within forty-five (45) days from the date of the issuance of notification through electronic mail, correct the violation if it has not already been abated, or elect to pay all civil fines assessed for the violation and all charges and fees incurred by the City in connection with the enforcement of the ordinance, including abatement costs, in order to maintain lien preference.  If the preceding action(s) are not taken, the City of Henderson will obtain and maintain the lien priority over previously filed liens except liens for state, county, school board and city taxes pursuant to KRS 65.8835.

​Please contact Dawn Kelsey, City Attorney, at (270) 831-1200 if you have any questions regarding the City's Code Enforcement Board and/or final orders.

​An archive of all final orders issued can be found by clicking the link to the right.

New Final Orders

Below is a list of addresses of all properties receiving a final order since the last date of notification. The final order for each property listed below has the ability to be appealed within thirty (30) days of the date the order was issued pursuant to KRS 65.8831. A copy of all final orders for the properties below can be found by clicking the "Code Enforcement Final Order Archive" link to the right of the page.  Please contact Code Enforcement at (270) 831-1277 if you need any assistance with obtaining a final order.        

Property AddressProperty OwnerSection(s) in Violation
36 Beals AveRoger Clough302.4 / Weeds
 15-1 / Clutter
602 Letcher StHilary Raley & Amber Puckett108.2 / Closing of vacant structures
 308.1 / Rubbish and garbage
118 S Alvasia StCori Coke308.1 / Rubbish and garbage
420 Frances DrGeorge Parish302.4 / Weeds
1533 Cumnock StMichael D Brinkley302.4 / Weeds
525 Gabe StD & L Assoc LLP302.4 / Weeds
431 Meadow StBruce Jackson & VM Jones302.4 / Weeds
507 S Ingram StDawn Chambers302.4 / Weeds
414 S Ingram StDavid & Deborah Crowe302.4 / Weeds
118 S Alvasia StCori Coke302.4 / Weeds
1304 Powell StDexter Ray Lewis Jr Est302.4 / Weeds
1429 Helm StTheodore Roberts302.4 / Weeds
1418 Helm StMartha Duncan Est302.4 / Weeds
510 Letcher StBilly Jo Davies302.4 / Weeds
727 Sixth StThe Cole Group LLC302.4 / Weeds
525 N Alves StLeonard Bushrod Est302.4 / Weeds
210 Walnut LnLinda Loney302.4 / Weeds
216 Walnut LnLinda Loney ET AL302.4 / Weeds
1400-1404 Powell StProject Line Holding LLC108.2 / Closing of vacant structures
106 Letcher StMelodie Shrader302.4 / Weeds
921 Marywood DrRUOFF Mortgage Company302.4 / Weeds
828 Powell StLarry Green Sr302.4 / Weeds
1002 Atkinson StGarry W & Sheila Schwartz302.4 / Weeds
264 Blueridge DrCarolyn McGill15-1 / Clutter
 308.1 / Rubbish and garbage
241 Turner AveBrian Maurice Pruitt302.4 / Weeds
1610 Powell StMid South Capital Partners LP302.4 / Weeds
312 N Alves StHenry Goldey Est302.4 / Weeds
336 Rettig RdKEB Real Estate Holding LLC302.4 / Weeds
68 N Bob O LinkWilliam Arnett302.4 / Weeds
1431 Clay StHarvey & Samuel Patterson302.4 / Weeds
412 Shelby StBentley Allen Gish ET AL302.4 / Weeds
329-335 N Adams StJosh & Dorothy Melton302.4 / Weeds
408 Lambert StGeorge & Morgan Belt JR302.4 / Weeds
424 Sixth StLisa Dejarnett302.4 / Weeds
606 Martin DrTammy Malcom302.4 / Weeds
1426 Wilson DrAgreta Stone Est302.4 / Weeds
1023 Madison StGlenn Berry Est302.4 / Weeds
423 Plum StArlene Robinson Est302.4 / Weeds
609 S Adams StSylvester Eldridge Est302.4 / Weeds
451 S Adams StGiles Alves Est302.4 / Weeds
449 S Adams StGiles & Mattye Alves Est302.4 / Weeds
452 S Adams StLeslie Brown302.4 / Weeds
328 S Alves StVirginia D Davis Est302.4 / Weeds
222 S Adams StClarence Herbert Est302.4 / Weeds
214 S Adams StWilma Long302.4 / Weeds
1214 Helm StJames Blackman302.4 / Weeds
1113 Powell StDaniel Royster302.4 / Weeds
918 Center StRandy Keach302.4 / Weeds
106 Letcher StMelodie Shrader308.1 / Rubbish and garbage
1944 N Elm StLinda Turley Dunn302.4 / Weeds
1205 Young StSindy Dufrene15-1 / Clutter
208 S Alves StDavid W Rogers15-1 / Clutter
535 S Adams StMarshall & Ladreanna Chambers15-1 / Clutter
612 ninth PlBart Rager15-1 / Clutter
33 S Alves StDeborah Shearer302.4 / Weeds
33 S Alves StDeborah Shearer301.3 / Vacant structures and land
1314 Young StClinton Slaughters Jr302.4 / Weeds
510 Letcher StBilly Jo Davies108.2 / Closing of vacant structures
33 S Alves StDeborah Shearer15-1 / Clutter
 308.1 / Rubbish and garbage
2416 Jamestown DrJeffrey Horn & N J Nelson15-23 / Nuisance vehicles
2416 Jamestown Dr2416 Jamestown Dr304.7 / Roofs and drainage
916 Pond StCynthia Powell302.4 / Weeds


Final Orders Under Appeal

Final orders listed below are under appeal to the Henderson County District Court.  Each address will link to a copy of the final order.
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