Can I remain anonymous?

Yes! However, in some cases, receiving information anonymously can limit the power of the police to act.

When you call the police to report a crime or a suspicious incident, the dispatcher you speak with will ask your name and other identifying information. The information can be used so that we can contact you if that ever becomes necessary. If you don't want to share your personal information, just tell the dispatcher "I'd like to remain anonymous, please." Your identifying information will not be entered into the computer system.

When we receive anonymous information, we will do our best. However, the lack of your personal information limits what we can do. We aren't able to call you back to ask for clarifying information. 

Either way, please call us with your concern! Consider sharing your identifying information so we can do the best job of keeping your neighborhood safe. Regardless, if you decide to remain anonymous, we'll do everything we can to investigate your complaint.

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