How do I make a payment by telephone?
Dial the toll free number, (844) 272-9468, entity code: 100199 and follow the operator prompts for the type of payment that you wish to make.

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1. For what bills or invoices do you accept electronic payments?
2. How can I get more information about electronic payments?
3. How do I make a payment by telephone?
4. How will my payment be confirmed?
5. I have received a utility disconnect notice for being behind on my bill. Can I still pay online and have my payment posted in time?
6. Is the City of Henderson getting any part of the convenience fee?
7. What information will I need to make an electronic payment?
8. What is the amount of the convenience fee?
9. Why is a convenience fee required?
10. What is an automatic bank draft and how do I sign up for this payment plan to pay my utility bill?