Citizen Academy

What is the Citizen Police Academy?

The Henderson Police Department has found that education has been most effective in gaining understanding and support from the community. The Citizen Police Academy offers citizens insight into how police officers perform their duties and how the department serves the community.

Purpose of the Citizens Police Academy

The purpose of the Citizen Police Academy is to foster better communication between citizens and police through education. The Academy will create a group of citizens who possess greater insight into police practices and services. Graduates of the Academy can share their knowledge and experiences with the community as the opportunity arises. Everyone benefits from enhancing citizen understanding of the role and function of our police department.

Who may attend the Academy?

Who may attend the Academy?
  • Any interested citizen is encouraged to attend. Citizens involved with the community in some way, such as youth involvement, neighborhood watch, and business groups are very important to the Academy.
  • Citizens 18 years of age or older.
  • Citizens with no prior felony convictions.

When is the Academy?

The Citizens Police Academy is usually held four times per year. New classes are always being planned and anyone interested is urged to submit an application.

How do I apply to the Citizen Police Academy? Online Application Here

Contact the Henderson Police Department at 831-1295. Advise the receptionist that you are interested in attending the Citizens police Academy.

Course Description

Instruction consists of eight 2-hour classes held one each week on Tuesday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. This instruction is comprehensive, covering a different area of the Police Department each week. Attendees are also able to attend a session at the firing range one Saturday during the course. During this session, the group will be allowed to fire a variety of police department weapons including pistols, rifles and shotguns. Participation in this is voluntary and closely supervised. Certified police officers, supervisors, and civilian instructors with particular expertise will conduct each topic. All classes are free.

Course Curriculum

Week One – Command Staff Introductions & 911 Communications Center

A brief history of the Henderson Police Department, an explanation of the organizational chart and an overview of the police department will be given. Members will be given a tour of the police department and the 911 Center for observation and questions.

Week Two – Patrol Operations

During this session, class members will be informed of the wide variations of responsibilities performed by uniform police officers.

Week Three – Traffic Stops

The mechanics of traffic stops will be explained and members will be given the opportunity to participate in simulated traffic stops.

Week Four – Specialized Units and Firearms

Henderson Police Department specialized units will be discussed to include equipment utilized by them. Class members will receive basic firearms safety instruction and be given the opportunity on a voluntary basis to sign up for a Saturday field trip to the police firing range.

Saturday Field Trip – Henderson Police Department Firing Range & K-9 Operations

Class members will be given the opportunity to attend a firearms demonstration at the Henderson Police Department Firing Range. Members will receive instruction on proper weapon handling, weapons safety, and be allowed to fire department issued weapons.

A K-9 demonstration, to include operating procedures and techniques, will also be held on this Saturday. Participates will have the opportunity to view the K-9 unit performing agility work, tracking, and narcotics searches.

Week Five – Crime Scene Processing and Crime Prevention

Class members will learn the techniques of collecting and analyzing evidence from a crime scene and will be allowed to lift latent fingerprints.

Week Six – Use of Force

Class members will receive information and demonstration on the Use of Force continuum. Class members will be given the opportunity to participate in Use of Force scenarios with the instructor.

Week Seven – Investigation Division/Drug Investigations

A detective from the department will discuss techniques used to investigate crimes. Narcotics officers will discuss the dynamics of drug investigations and demonstrate equipment used during covert drug investigations.

Week Eight – Henderson County Detention Center Tour

Class members will meet at the Henderson County Detention Center for a tour of facility. The class will be given an opportunity to ask questions following the tour.


A graduation dinner will be held at the Henderson Police Department for all attending class members. Certificates of completion will be given and discussion will be held with member comments and suggestions. (The topics and order of topic may vary from session to session)

2019 Citizen’s Academy Dates:

March 12 - April 30, 2019

August 13 - October 1, 2019