Mayor / City Commissioners

Mayor and City Commissioners

The City of Henderson values your opinions and invites you to address the Board of Commissioners on any matter of city business. Persons who wish to address the board or present matters for council’s consideration on topics not listed on the agenda may do so at the beginning of each regular meeting under the Appearance of Citizens section of the agenda.

Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is comprised of a mayor and four commissioners operating under the City Manager Plan (KRS 83A.150). Under this form of government, which was adopted by public referendum and became effective in 1966, legislative authority is vested in the Board of Commissioners and administrative responsibilities are carried out by an appointed city manager. As the policy-making body for Henderson, the board is the final authority on most matters relating to the city.

Duties and Powers

  • Establishing general policies for the city
  • Appointing the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, City Attorney, department heads, and members of various boards and commissions
  • Enacting ordinances, resolutions, and orders
  • Adopting the annual budget
  • Levying taxes and collecting revenues
  • Issuing bonds and providing the payment of public debts
  • Authorizing contracts on the city’s behalf

Board of CommissionersLeft to Right:

Commissioner Nick Whitt

Commissioner Rodney Thomas

Mayor Brad Staton

Commissioner Austin Vowels

Commissioner Robert Pruitt


The Mayor presides over meetings of the board, serves as the ceremonial head of government, and votes on all matters. The mayor does not have veto power and has no regular administrative duties.

Mayor Pro Tem

The Mayor Pro Tem serves in the absence of the mayor. The Board of Commissioners elects one of its members to serve as Mayor Pro Tem following each election. Traditionally the Commissioner who serves in this capacity is the one who received the most votes in the general election.


Elections for Mayor and City Commissioner are nonpartisan and at large (no wards are designated). They are held in November of each even numbered year. The Mayor is elected for a four-year term, while each Commissioner is elected to a two-year term.